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John McFadden

John McFadden, Sr is the co-founder of Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory ( located in San Antonio, Texas. ADL Health is a high complexity CLIA laboratory capable of performing microbiology, toxicology, NGS genetic and forensic testing. He retired from the Air Force after 22 years as a Lt Col and has logged thousands of hours as an instructor pilot in each of the A-10, T-38 and T-37 aircraft.

John Mcfadden
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John currently works for a major airline as a pilot where over the past 22+ years he has been assigned to multiple aircraft, currently flying the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

John earned his Master of Arts in counseling from Wayland Baptist University as the Outstanding Graduate  in 2014.  He is active volunteering at his church and serving on the national board of directors of Open Hearts Ministry as Treasurer. John has finished his coursework at Trinity Theological Seminary on a PhD in Christian Counseling expecting to complete his dissertation and graduate immediately following his reign as ReyFeo.

John is celebrating his 40-year anniversary with his wife Leslie. They are actively leading marriage ministry at their church and are passionate about working on their marriage covenant while helping others do the same.  Their 4 children and soon-to-be 4 grandchildren are all local and love Fiesta!  Clearly John’s passion is for serving and helping all people fulfill their God-given potential!